What is Franchise Marketing?

What is Franchise Marketing?

Franchise marketing is a term used to describe all the marketing activities a franchise needs to grow and generate sales. Now more than ever before, franchise marketing is essential to the success of any sized franchise.

Franchise businesses need two types of franchise marketing constantly running in parallel to succeed.

What's the difference between franchise sales marketing and franchise consumer marketing?

There is franchise marketing that’s job is to add new franchisees, often called franchise sales marketing, and there is franchise consumer marketing that’s job is to add revenue through customer acquisition and sales.

Franchise Marketing to Add Franchisees and Locations

Franchise brokers, franchise sales consultants, and franchise sales organizations (FSOs) often handle franchisors’ franchise marketing activities. Franchise sales marketing involves finding, matching, and ultimately connecting entrepreneurs interested in becoming franchisees with franchisors.

Franchise Marketing to Add Customers and Sales Revenue

Franchises rely heavily on ad agencies and digital marketing agencies, like Peratomic, for marketing focused on customer acquisition and sales. 

Some types of franchise marketing managed by digital marketing agencies include national and local websites, search engine optimization (or SEO), search engine marketing (also called pay-per-click), local marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, digital ads, virtual events, and public relations.

Smart franchises partner with digital marketing agencies that use marketing automation and lead generators as a foundation for their franchise marketing strategy. This is because marketing automation and lead generators:

  1. walk would-be customers through the buyer’s journey,
  2. decrease marketing costs, 
  3. and when done well, dramatically increase leads.

Peratomic software takes marketing automation and lead generation to the next level by allowing franchisors and franchisees to efficiently work together to deliver personalized marketing campaigns for every location.

Top Digital Marketing Tools for Franchise Marketing


Having a primary website for the franchise brand is a must. And in many cases, franchises can boost sales by having a web presence representing each community where they exist. Websites not only serve as a 24-hour sales team but allow customers to connect at a local level through localized culture and promotions.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

5.6 billion people perform searches on Google every day. Search Engine Optimization ensures search engines can find, index, and rank your website’s content. Good SEO maximizes the number of times a website displays organically (or non-paid) on search result pages (SERPs) for relevant searches.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engines with ads like Google Search and Microsoft Bing use a complex bid system to position paid search listings near the top of search results pages. Franchises can use paid search marketing (also called PPC) to target customers throughout the buyer’s journey and across geographic places.

Local Marketing

Local listing sites and services like Google Business Profile help consumers find nearby destinations and often offer helpful links, photos, offers, reviews, and more. Local consumer marketing at the franchisee location level is critical in closing marketing efforts with a sale.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing enables franchises to reach prospects online where they are already. About 2 billion people use Facebook daily, and 10 million use LinkedIn monthly. As critical as reach, though, is resonance. Knowing your audience well offers confidence in what platforms social ads should run on.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a cost-effective digital marketing tool that can nurture customer loyalty with a blend of announcements, helpful resources, and incentives. As part of an overall marketing strategy, email marketing is pivotal to lead generation, brand awareness, and keeping customers engaged between purchases.

When all campaign types work together, digital marketing can be a primary driver of growth for franchises. And if your franchise doesn’t have the resources to manage your digital marketing, connect with Peratomic.

Peratomic is the “work together” franchise marketing platform, bringing the strengths of franchisors and franchisees together to boost sales and customer loyalty with brand-aligned, locally-relevant digital marketing campaigns for franchises. Book a call with our team today to learn more and start marketing your franchise.

“Work together” is a better way.

Franchisors know branding.

Franchisees know local.

Peratomic knows digital.

When franchisors and franchisees 
work together with Peratomic, each contributing their strengths, we develop powerful digital marketing campaigns that are effective at building connections and loyal customers.

The “work together” franchise marketing platform.

Franchisors know branding. Franchisees know local. Peratomic perfectly brings the strengths of franchisors and franchisees together to boost sales and loyalty with brand-aligned, locally relevant digital marketing for franchises.

Peratomic peratomic brandmark

Benefits for Franchisors

Marketing collaboration used to be complex. Forget the past. Now, maintaining brand control and publishing local, personal campaigns is not only possible; it’s easy and cost-efficient with Peratomic.

Peratomic peratomic franchisor head desktopPeratomic starts by creating custom marketing and communication campaigns to meet your goals. Then with input from each franchisee, our proprietary platform publishes a variation for every location.

You maintain the clarity and control of your brand and message, and franchisees get local and personalized campaigns that deliver leads and sales.

Benefits for Franchisees

Peratomic peratomic fracnhisee head desktopSome franchises leave the local digital marketing to franchisees. But franchisees can’t be experts or have time for everything, so efforts can lead to diluted branding and missed sales.

Peratomic offers franchisors cost-effective and powerful local digital marketing designed to be personalized and localized by you — for your local market and customers.

Now you get automated digital marketing relevant to your community, more online leads, and store sales without the heavy-lifting and stress of doing it all yourself.

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