Franchise Marketing Strategy
— The “Work Together” Way

What is franchise marketing?

Franchise marketing is a term used to describe all the marketing activities a franchise needs to grow and generate sales. Now more than ever before, franchise marketing is essential to the success of any sized franchise. Franchise businesses need two parallel types of franchise marketing running to succeed.

Types of Franchise Marketing

There is franchise marketing that’s job is to add new franchisees, most often called franchise sales marketing, and there is franchise consumer marketing that’s job is to add revenue through customer acquisition and sales.

Franchisors historically handled many of the franchise consumer marketing functions. It produced results and was traditionally more cost-efficient for the entire franchise. But that solution wasn’t perfect. Franchisees’ marketing experience and wisdom of local markets were often left unused or underutilized. Now, franchise marketing strategies rest heavily on digital marketing, where the local market and consumer expectations are different. Consumers want to feel connected to brands and desire immediate access to local, personalized shopping and offers. It’s become vital for franchisors to tap into the knowledge their franchisees have of their local markets to meet consumer needs.

The goal of franchise sales marketing is to add more franchise locations.

Franchise sales marketing is often managed by Franchise Sales Organizations (FSO’s). They partner with franchise businesses to attract prospect franchisees, ensure both parties are a match for the other, and negotiate terms. In exchange they are compensated by the franchisor, which often includes a portion of the franchise fee.

The goal of franchise consumer marketing is to add franchise revenue through customer acquisition and sales.

Depending on the size and resources of a franchise, franchise consumer marketing is managed by an agency or an in-house marketing team. Agencies vary in service capabilities and fee structures. Since online marketing is more cost efficient, effective, and trackable, smaller franchises should consider working with a digital marketing agency, especially ones like Peratomic that focus on franchise marketing.

The “Work Together” way allows franchisors and franchisees to contribute their unique marketing strengths to achieve better marketing results.

The “Work Together” Way

The “Work Together” way is an evolution in franchise marketing — designed to streamline franchise marketing to modern consumers.

The “Work Together” way brings and takes advantage of the collective wisdom across the franchise. Everyone contributes in areas where they are most gifted and experienced.

The franchisor’s role is to listen and lead with vision.
The franchisees close knowledge gaps and infuse local flavor.
The marketing team drives creativity, connections, and collaboration.

When the “Work Together” way brings and uses all the collective human wisdom of the franchise, it distributes the workload to get more done in less time, and it empowers Zors and Zees to work together.

Because of its depth of collaboration, the “Work Together” way benefits from a structured system and software to handle the complexities of marketing locally online.

Fortunately, franchise marketing platforms like Peratomic offer an easy transition for franchise brands to inject local flair into marketing and communication campaigns that still maintain franchise brand clarity.

Peratomic and the “Work Together” way

Peratomic combines services, software, and a system to master the “Work Together” way. Franchises are empowered with intelligent digital marketing when all three elements run in synchronicity.


The Peratomic team offers all the services needed to unearth the best digital campaign ideas, then works with everyone involved to collaborate, produce, schedule, and publish dynamic marketing and communication campaigns that connect with audiences.


Peratomic software is the hub of marketing and communication campaigns. Marketing and communication content is built once and deployed everywhere, reducing labor and automating the complexity of personalization and localization. Peratomic automates publishing local and personal campaign variations to every website, social page, and email audience within the franchise brand.


Peratomic includes our project management system to make working together easy and efficient. It draws on the strengths of everyone involved without wasting anyone’s time. Meetings are focused, input timing is flexible, and timely communications keep everyone updated.

Have 20 minutes? We’ll show you how Peratomic can use the “Work Together” way to streamline the production and effectiveness of your franchise marketing.

“Work together” is a better way.

Franchisors know branding.

Franchisees know local.

Peratomic knows digital.

When franchisors and franchisees 
work together with Peratomic, each contributing their strengths, we develop powerful digital marketing campaigns that are effective at building connections and loyal customers.

The “work together” franchise marketing platform.

Franchisors know branding. Franchisees know local. Peratomic perfectly brings the strengths of franchisors and franchisees together to boost sales and loyalty with brand-aligned, locally relevant digital marketing for franchises.

Peratomic peratomic brandmark

Benefits for Franchisors

Marketing collaboration used to be complex. Forget the past. Now, maintaining brand control and publishing local, personal campaigns is not only possible; it’s easy and cost-efficient with Peratomic.

Peratomic peratomic franchisor head desktopPeratomic starts by creating custom marketing and communication campaigns to meet your goals. Then with input from each franchisee, our proprietary platform publishes a variation for every location. You maintain the clarity and control of your brand and message, and franchisees get local and personalized campaigns that deliver leads and sales.

Benefits for Franchisees

Peratomic peratomic fracnhisee head desktopSome franchises leave the local digital marketing to franchisees. But franchisees can’t be experts or have time for everything, so efforts can lead to diluted branding and missed sales.

Peratomic offers franchisors cost-effective and powerful local digital marketing designed to be personalized and localized by you — for your local market and customers.

Now you get automated digital marketing relevant to your community, more online leads, and store sales without the heavy-lifting and stress of doing it all yourself.

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