The “work together” franchise marketing platform.

Franchisors know branding. Franchisees know local. Peratomic perfectly brings the strengths of franchisors and franchisees together to boost sales and loyalty with brand-aligned, locally relevant digital marketing for franchises.

Peratomic ends “one size fits all” digital marketing 
for franchises.

“One size fits all” digital marketing is generic, and generic doesn’t build customer connections. Local online marketing that infuses a franchisee’s wisdom of their community does. It’s your secret weapon! Without local input, your brand limits the ability to connect with customers, and that causes missed leads and diluted brand authority.

But before now, delivering local, personal digital marketing for every location was complicated and expensive. Now, drawing on everyone’s strengths to produce better marketing is easy and affordable with Peratomic. We call it the “work together” way.

“Work together” is a better way.

Franchisors know branding.

Franchisees know local.

Peratomic knows digital.

When franchisors and franchisees 
work together with Peratomic, each contributing their strengths, we develop powerful digital marketing campaigns that are effective at building connections and loyal customers.

How Franchisor and franchisee work together.

How franchisors and franchisees work together with peratomic campaigns.

What is the “Work Together” Way?

100 locations?
100 local variations.

Whether you have 10, 100, or 1,000 franchise units, Peratomic campaigns publish localized website updates, social posts, and emails for every location. It all happens automatically and on your schedule.

Better for building connections.

Better for local SEO.

Better for sales.

Benefits for Franchisors

Marketing collaboration used to be complex. Forget the past. Now, maintaining brand control and publishing local, personal campaigns is not only possible; it’s easy and cost-efficient with Peratomic.

Peratomic peratomic franchisor head desktopPeratomic starts by creating custom marketing and communication campaigns to meet your goals. Then with input from each franchisee, our proprietary platform publishes a variation for every location.

You maintain the clarity and control of your brand and message, and franchisees get local and personalized campaigns that deliver leads and sales.

Benefits for Franchisees

Peratomic peratomic fracnhisee head desktopSome franchises leave the local digital marketing to franchisees. But franchisees can’t be experts or have time for everything, so efforts can lead to diluted branding and missed sales.

Peratomic offers franchisors cost-effective and powerful local digital marketing designed to be personalized and localized by you — for your local market and customers.

Now you get automated digital marketing relevant to your community, more online leads, and store sales without the heavy-lifting and stress of doing it all yourself.

The Peratomic platform 
combines services, software, and a system.

Work with an experienced creative services and production team.

The Peratomic team offers all the services needed to unearth the best digital campaign ideas, then works with everyone involved to collaborate, produce, schedule, and publish dynamic campaigns that connect with audiences.

Minimize cost with Peratomic’s proprietary software.

Peratomic reduces labor and expenses by automating the publishing of local and personal campaign variations to every website, social page, and email audience within the brand. Plus, every campaign message includes trackable links so you can monitor KPI’s and know which campaigns are filling your CRM, websites, and stores with activity and sales.

The Peratomic system is designed for efficient collaboration.

Peratomic includes our project management system to make working together easy and efficient. It draws on the strengths of everyone involved without wasting anyone’s time. Meetings are focused, input timing is flexible, and timely communications keep everyone updated.

What you can do with Peratomic.

Unify your brand and mission online.

Peratomic centralized content management ensures your brand, mission, and message remain unified across your online channels.

Peratomic peratomic chat two way

Keep franchisees in the loop.

Schedule and send personalized emails to franchisees and employees to inspire action or ensure they’re ready for upcoming promotions.

Communicate anything consistently.

Use campaigns to communicate anything to customers, employees, and franchisees.

Peratomic peratomic local pin

Manage local content in less time.

Centralized management ensures consistency and reduces the time it takes to manage your local presence online.

Fill your CRM with leads.

Use web content, social posts, and emails to drive traffic to lead generators that fill your CRM with activity.

Peratomic peratomic merge tag 1

Keep in touch with customers.

Build a more loyal customer base by sending localized and personalized emails to customers across your brand.

Put marketing campaigns on auto-pilot.

Peratomic automatically manages where and when every message in a campaign runs, so you don’t have to. Even better, give local franchisees autonomy in localizing their promotions while maintaining a cohesive brand and message online.

Peratomic peratomic save time

Save time.

Peratomic automates publishing – slashing the time it takes to keep everything updated.

Reduce hiring sprees.

Peratomic eases your production load by managing your digital marketing campaigns so you can get a better return with less staff.

“We save more than 600 production hours a year by automating the development and publishing of our marketing and retention campaigns.” – J. Knight

Less overhead.
More growth.

Peratomic automates the mundane and error-prone steps to launching successful digital marketing for franchises, so finding talent doesn’t hinder growth. Get more done, improve brand visibility, connect locally, and boost sales without hiring sprees.

Scalable platform.
Scalable pricing.

Example pricing for the peratomic platform.

Peratomic scales as you grow, so it only makes sense to have scalable pricing. Whether you’re an emerging or established brand, Peratomic is ready to affordably scale at any pace to any size.

Example pricing includes Peratomic campaign creation services, campaign publishing with Peratomic software, and project management system to manage the process from beginning to end. Use Peratomic as your agency or with your agency. Volume discounts available. Contact us for custom pricing based on your size and needs.

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